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car parking shades in kenya

Car Parking Shades on Sale in Kenya

Our Car Parking Shades structures are designed to give the best protection possible. With our Car Parking Shades you have different options from protecting your car(s) from harmful UV rays, heavy rainfall and hot sun.

We are not just a Car Parking Shades Company in Kenya, we are the best company that offers quality parking shades. We put our Car Parking Shades under innovation in order to offer the best possible Car Paring Shades.

our car parking shades pricing entails

  • No Extra or Hidden cost
  • Transport of the car parking shade materials
  • Car parking shade fixing labour cost
  • Ten years guarantee
  • Cost effective

One Car Parking Shade

car parking shade structure for 1 car
Car parking shades in kenya 1 car by shadepro
Dimension:3M by 5M
Total Area:15 sqm
Price per square meter
100% Waterproof Shadenet »Ksh 5,000.00
90% Waterproof Shadenet »Ksh 4,000.00
Option A: 100% waterproof Shadenet
15 * 5000Ksh 75,000 + Vat
Option B: 90% waterproof Shadenet
15 * 4000Ksh 60,000 + VAT

Two Car Parking Shade

car parking shade for 2 cars
car parking shade in kenya for 2 cars by shadepro
Dimension:5M by 5M
Total Area:25 sqm
Price per square meter
100% Waterproof Shadenet »Ksh 5,000.00
90% Waterproof Shadenet »Ksh 4,000.00
Option A: 100% waterproof Shadenet
25 * 5000Ksh 125,000 + Vat
Option B: 90% waterproof Shadenet
25 * 4000Ksh 100,000 + VAT

Three Car Parking Shade

car shade for 3 cars
car parking shades for 3 cars by shadepro
Dimension:7.5M by 5M
Total Area:37.5 sqm
Price per square meter
100% Waterproof Shadenet »Ksh 5,000.00
90% Waterproof Shadenet »Ksh 4,000.00
Option A: 100% waterproof Shadenet
37.5 * 5000Ksh 187,500 + Vat
Option B: 90% waterproof Shadenet
37.5 * 4000Ksh 150,000 + VAT

Four Car Parking Shade

car parking shades in kenya by shadepro
Dimension:10M by 5M
Total Area:50 sqm
Price per square meter
100% Waterproof Shadenet »Ksh 5,000.00
90% Waterproof Shadenet »Ksh 4,000.00
Option A: 100% waterproof Shadenet
50 * 5000Ksh 250,000 + Vat
Option B: 90% waterproof Shadenet
50 * 4000Ksh 200,000 + VAT

We can also install for large scale car parking shades in kenya

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Protect Your Car this Season by Installing Car Parking Shades

Okay, The Sun is officially here and having a car parking shade is essential to keep the sun from reaching the interior and helps to keep the worst of the sun out of your car. In fact, car parking shades have now become a necessity for car owners due to plenty of reasons. A car parking shade provides shelter and protection to your car, keeping out the heat in extremely hot weather. There are a myriad variety of car parking shades available and choosing the right car shade canopy is indispensable to staying comfortable and protected in this scorching heat.

Protect Your Car from Bad Weather

A car shade is one of the most useful types of car parking shade that can protect your car from ultraviolet rays and a host of other adverse weather conditions. Come snow, rain, hail, fierce winds or stormy weather, know that your car is sheltered from the worst of it with the help of a car shade cover. In fact, the tent-like structure can protect your car from the detrimental effects of severe weather conditions. You should buy a high-quality car parking shade to protect your vehicle from all perilous weather-related elements.

Save up on Fuel

When your car is parked under the scorching sunlight, the interior will inevitably get unbearably hot, making it almost impossible to get into the car until you put the air conditioning system on to normalize the temperature. This entails a lot of fuel to maintain a cooler environment. In order to save your car energy and avoid this from happening, installing a car shade with a viable energy saving feature can help you save up on fuel big time.

Temperature Control Feature

When you park your car under the blazing summer sun for a protracted period, the interior of your car gets extremely hot, making it uncomfortable to sit in. Using a car parking shade with good temperature controlling properties can reduce the temperature of your car to about 36.5 C during extremely blistering sunny days.

Regardless of whether you are planning to go on a picnic or simply aspire to hit the road and relax inside the car, it is one of the best car parking shade ideas to prevent your car from heating up. It can keep your car cool with its amazing cooling features, allowing the wind to keep blowing between the shade and the car, keeping the interior of the car cool and relaxing.

Easy to Setup

One of the major reasons why a car shade is the best car parking shade is its quick and easy installation.

Protect Your Car from Dirty Elements

Parking your car in an open-area can expose it to a lot of dirty elements such as leaves, dust, debris, bird droppings and more. This can make your car look unkempt and cause the paint to fade away with time. To protect your car from dirt and other outdoor hazards, install a suitable car cover such as a car parking shade to provide your car complete protection from dust, scratches and other dirt marks.

Highly Customizable

This shade canopy is available in multiple colors, sizes, and shapes, giving you the complete freedom to customize it as per the dimensions of your car. Choosing a car parking shade can help you get what you need exactly, while perfectly matching with the unique requirements of your car.

To Conclude it All

A car parking shade will not only prevent your car from the harsh weather conditions, it will also boost its resale value by protecting your car’s paint from being exposed to slow damage and adds years to its life. Using a car shade umbrella will help protect the internal components of your car, such as dashboard and other expensive materials, from getting damaged by the harsh UV rays. So, every time you go to work, for shopping or must wait outdoors in the sun for a friend, consider keeping a car shade with you. It can prevent your car from heating up while offering a cool experience even with the scorching heat of the sun.


Protect Your Car’s Interior with These Handy Tips

car shade kenya shade solution
car parking shades protects car’s interior and exterior

Many car owners obsess over their car’s exterior appearance without realizing the fact that they spend more time living in their car’s interior. Keeping your car’s interior clean is as important as keeping your vehicle’s exterior dust-free.
Commutes, shopping, road trips, and errands make us sit inside of a car for a longer period of time. Smudges on the windows, scratches on the dash, food droppings on the seat covers and the scorching sunlight can all wreak havoc on your car’s interior.
Cleaning and protecting your car’s interior can also extend the life of your car and keep it new for much longer. Furthermore, protecting your car’s interior ensures maximum comfort and longevity.
Here are some useful tips that car owners can do to make sure the interior of their car remains equally as spectacular as the exterior.

Windshield Sun Shades

Window shades or solar shades are one of the most worthwhile investment to protect your car’s interior. Window shades provide shade for your dashboard and steering wheel while preventing them from cracking due to the extreme exposure to the scorching sunlight. In addition, window shades also keep your car’s interior a lot cool when you leave it parked in an open area. The best part about purchasing these windshield sun shades is that they are available in different sizes, forms, and colors. You can easily choose the one that best suits your car’s interior. You can block out entry points where sunlight gets through with vehicle-specific sun shades that ensure maximum sun protection.

All-Weather Style Floor Mats

Floor mats are another useful accessory you can use to protect your car’s interior. They help keep the carpeting of your car clean and free from all the stains, mud, dirt tracked in your shoes. Floor mats are available in a number of colors, designs, and fabrics. Choose the right floor mats that will fit your car’s theme. Investing in rubber mats or all-weather floor mats is a sensible option as they are water and dirt resistant and can be easily cleaned while offering the ultimate protection for the carpet underneath.

Choose a Set of Dash Covers

The sun can fade and damage your dash tops, especially dark-colored ones has more potential to absorb the sunlight. To protect your vehicle’s interior, specifically your dashboard and rear decks from the harmful effect of sun rays, purchase a set of the dash and rear deck covers. These covers will keep your dash tops cool and provide ultimate protection from the sunlight.

Keep the Upholstery Clean

To keep the trash off the floor, vacuum your car regularly. You can keep a garbage bag to keep your car free of trash. Set aside a small amount of time to clean glass, vacuum floors, wipe down cloth and plastic surfaces. Keep a scrub brush, microfiber cloth and upholstery cleaner in your trunk to immediately clean up your spill as soon as you are able to park your car. Trust me, it will save you a lot of time scrubbing stubborn and tricky stains that are hard to pull up later and can permanently destroy your upholstery. You can invest in affordable seat covers to protect your car seats’ upholstery from dirt, smudges, rips and scratches. Seat covers will not only enhance the aesthetic value of your car, they will also help cover the cover seats’ defects. If you choose leather seat covers, regular maintenance can keep them from cracking or getting stained and discolored.

Invest in Car Parking Shades

Parking in a shady spot is a worthwhile option to protect your car’s interior and keep it cool. However, you can’t always find a nice shady spot to park your car. If that is the case, buying a car parking shade can help protect your interior from fading and cracking, but also keep you and your passengers comfortable.

The Final Say

No matter how clean you try to keep your car’s interior, some damaging effects will always find a way through. Sunlight can cause a damaging effect on your car’s interior and there is no way to completely keep out harmful UV rays, especially while driving. However, the above-mentioned ones are some effective ways to protect your car from sun damage. By following these simple steps, car owners can ensure the inside of their car stay as shiny and as the outside.