How to create a car parking shade at home the DIY Way!

A year down the lane, when the scorching months of sun made it feel like the entire world had turned into a giant oven, I remember the struggle of rushing to roll down my vehicle doors and windows at least 5 minutes prior to a trip, because I didn’t want to roast inside my car which had been sitting in the sun all day! Perhaps it was my vehicle’s way of exacting revenge.

Since sun is almost a constant phenomenon in Thika and it’s not only me who suffered in this way, in fact a lot of other car owners follow suit to avoid sitting in unbearably hot cars, I thought about installing a car parking shade in Thika in my parking lot to keep my vehicle from bearing the brunt of the worst of the season.

But installing a car parking shade in Kenya entails exorbitant prices, more so if you are contacting an nationally renowned tent structure manufacturer. In order to keep your vehicle from incurring sun-related wear and tear without breaking your bank, here are a few DIY ideas that you can utilize to build an expedient car parking shade in Nairobi,Thika,Kiambu,Runda,Muthaiga,Karen,Westlands,Langata,Kikuyu,Ruai,Rongai,Kiserian,Kitengela,Athi river,Ruiru,or any where in Kenya.

Fabric as sail

Now, this might sound odd but think about the possibility. All of us have folds of varied fabrics lying around in our closets, ones that are not going to be used any time soon. Why not utilize a sturdy and thick fabric and turn it into a sail for your car parking porch. Your fabric of choice needs to have strength and resistance, as car parking shades come in direct contact with heat and rain, not to mention gales of winds that can wreak havoc on the material. Another idea is to buy a relevant cloth that is commonly used for installing tensile structures. Such fabrics have an uncanny ability to withstand heat, rain, wind, and other environmental factors.

An old parachute car cover as a waterproof car parking shade in Kenya

Does this come as a surprise to you? Don’t tell me that you have never thought about re-using your old car cover as a car parking shade in Kenya, especially one made of parachute material to lend it water and dust resistant properties. Even if you haven’t, now is the right time to think along these lines. Utilize your old car cover to make a decent car parking shade for your vehicle and it will last you an entire summer season. Not only will it save you from splurging those extra bucks on installing a shade structure in Kenya but also make it easier for you to re-cycle. Since the parachute material is also water resistant, you can enjoy the rainy season while having a cup of tea under the shade.

Do You Have spare metal sheets at home?

Apparently, all those dealing in construction material or having a protective fence around their homes must have spare pieces of metallic sheets lying around, which are either considered junk or have been taken down for repairs. If you do have such seemingly space-intensive sheets without a viable idea as to how to utilize them, fret not. You can now use them to create a parking shade in your own house or garage. Not only does it give you r vehicle a shade to stay cool under but also free up the extra space taken up by the metallic sheets. Simply install these sheet on 4 metallic pillars (use pipes to make pillars) and your DIY metallic sheet car parking shade is ready, Viola!

Make use of old wooden Blocks

When our house went through a renovation a few years down the road, we bought long and broad wooden panels for the laborers to stand on while they paint. Years later, these wooden piles are still morosely sitting in our garage, without a purpose in life. When I was thinking through ideas on how I can create an affordable and sturdy car parking shade in Thika for my small car, which used to be parked in the open air backyard, I thought of using these wooden sheets and installing them with four supports on each side so that a shade could be formulated to provide a shelter for my car in the harsh heat. Just a few labor overheads, and my shade looks as good as new. You could do it too with any wooden sheets lying around in your backyard or storeroom.

Find an affordable car parking Shade Company in Kenya

And if nothing works for you, I believe that the only option that remains open is to find an affordable car parking Shade Company in Kenya to do the dirty work for you. While Nairobi is teeming with such,  some are not only highly professional but also boast a pocket-friendly payment structure to make it easier for household owners to install car parking shade to protect their car paints from incurring damages wreaked by the harsh heat and UV rays.

I hope that my ideas for a DIY car parking shade will come handy for many people out there. If you are looking for any specific information, try leaving a comment below.

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